"A Hard Look At Mandatory Live Vaccinations and ACTION STEPS". This letter delivers urgent notice that dozens of health experts, religious leaders, and world leading scientists are condemning governments worldwide for going along with pharmaceutical industry-influenced plans to inject people with poorly-tested toxic vaccines this flu season based on fears of pandemic swine flu.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vaccine Action Letter: Summary




1. The proposed swine flu squalene adjuvant live virus vaccination is neither adequately or sufficiently tested, nor proven effective or safe; it is uninsurable, can stimulate the onset of a variety of debilitating auto-immune diseases, and is a serious assault on the immune system.

2. The swine flu vaccine contains dangerous & life-threatening fillers, including adjuvants such as squalene, animal tissues, which may include pig tissue, viral and bacterial proteins, and live viruses—all of which contain pig DNA.

3. Live viruses have a history of lethal danger, disease, and are contagious. Secondary Spread of live viruses from those vaccinated with a live virus lasting up to three weeks is a well-known fact.

4. The swine flu appears to have been laboratory generated and designed to have its dangerous effects amplified by the use of all the available swine flu vaccines.

5. The United States government classifies the bird flu virus as a biological weapon.

6. If the government intent is to make the live virus squalene adjuvant swine flu vaccination mandatory for all Americans, it is a violation of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States.

7. Analysis from the British Medical Journal article titled, Influenza Vaccination: Policy Versus Evidence, presents evidence from a systematic review based on a meta-analysis of all the research that shows inactivated vaccines have little or no effect on preventing or minimizing the flu.

8. Those who refuse the live virus squalene adjuvant swine flu and regular flu vaccinations may be jailed or held indefinitely in internment camps established by states or FEMA because the so called swine flu pandemic has been, as far as we are concerned, unnecessarily classified as a Level 6 Pandemic, potentially allowing international law to override the United States
Constitution to justify American martial law and detention for vaccine refusers.

9. Attempts by the United States government to increase the demand for flu vaccinations through fear are explicitly revealed in a classified, private CDC (Center for Disease Control) sponsor conference for vaccine manufacturer executives entitled “7-step Recipes to Increase Demand for Flu Vaccination”.

10. The best way to be protected from any flu including the H1N1 live virus swine flu is to have a healthy immune system by living a natural, earth-connected way of being, which includes: organic, plant-source-only foods, supplements including nano-silver, vitamin C, A, and D, medicinal immune-building mushrooms and herbs, and specific aromatherapy oils. Physicians of the State of Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Society have found that usually one to three Vitamin C IV’s of 50,000 milligrams will give 100% relief from this or any flu in the instance one actually gets the flu. Other effective treatments include nano-silvers and Oxygen Treatment Therapy (OTT). This is a safe, less expensive, simple, and more effective treatment as compared to Tamiflu (Tamiflu, although supposedly designed for the antiviral effect, is a psychotropic drug that has significant brain and nervous system side effects, which are toxic and debilitating). These healthy approaches have been historically proven to be far more safe and effective than generated vaccines, which have truly never been scientifically proven to be either safe or effective except for building the economic pockets of the vaccine companies. In other words, there are strong international and national vested interests on many levels backing these inadequately tested, dangerous, and ineffective vaccines. These vested interest groups are not exactly concerned about your health.

11. We have options and we can create more. It is important that we all take a stand while we are still healthy enough to be standing.


There are two reasonable questions that must be asked: (1) Is the swine flu live virus squalene adjuvant vaccine safe and effective, and if so, (2) will vaccinating 95% or more of the general population provide any more protection for the whole population? If both of these questions were answered in the affirmative, then we would have a reasonable justification for mandatory vaccinations. However, the overwhelming scientific data suggests just the opposite. The live virus swine flu has not been adequately tested, proven safe or effective, is non-insurable, and because of the well-known phenomena of Secondary Transmission of live virus vaccines (meaning it can be contagious), it may actually increase the transmission of the virus.

This live virus vaccine has 2.3 times more genetic mutability, and added adjuvant toxicity than a natural virus because it includes squalene. Squalene has significant autoimmune inflammatory effects, and general severe autoimmune effects, which are a significant potential threat to the health of the individual. According to congressional hearings in 2004, squalene was considered the main cause of 300,000 GIs with Gulf War Syndrome who are now applying for complete disability. Aside from the horrendous, misery and ill health created by the Gulf War Syndrome, based on our understanding of the 1918 flu pandemic (which some significant scientific work has suggested was precipitated by the water-oil adjuvant that was part of the typhus vaccine and unknowingly given to the soldiers to protect against typhus), it appears that the water-oil adjuvant in combination with the Spanish Flu was the main precipitator of the millions of deaths that occurred. Research at that time, which was limited because they didn’t even know about viruses, suggests that the high percentage of deaths in soldiers (healthy young men) was connected to the adjuvant, which gave them a hyper-immune, auto-immune response and cytokine storm (strong inflammatory reaction) 3 to 6 months after receiving the vaccine. This explains why so many of them died from hemoragenic pneumonia, activated by the viral flu. The use of squalene as an adjuvant in the vaccine, which causes severe health symptoms on its own, could actually mirror the whole 1918 scenario. The interaction of the flu and the hyperimmune auto-immune imbalance response to the squalene (a water-oil adjuvant) could theoretically pre-dispose people who receive the vaccine with this live virus in it to mimic the actual pandemic called the Spanish Flu of 1918. Please understand that this deadly synergy of squalene and the live virus in a vaccine is theoretical and there is no proof that this is the potential case, except the research on the actual cause of the 1918 Spanish Flu. However, this just adds to the potential risk of a squalene-based live virus swine flu vaccination.

According to the British Medical Journal article titled, Influenza Vaccination: Policy Versus Evidence, evidence from a systematic review based on a meta-analysis of all the research shows vaccines have little or no effect on preventing or minimizing the flu.

In other words, the benefit to risk ratio is extremely poor from a scientific point of view. In answering the second part of the question, all the vaccine studies to date show that vaccinating 95% or more of a population does not make a difference in stopping outbreaks of the particular disease people were vaccinated for. In fact, based on the scientific evidence, mass mandatory vaccinations with a highly mutable live virus could actually activate a real and lethal pandemic rather than prevent it. Therefore, from a purely scientific perspective, there is no valid reason for mandatory vaccinations. For this reason we believe that all people have a constitutional, religious, philosophical, and medical right to the freedom of choice of whether or not to be vaccinated.

In essence, as confirmed by veteran US Constitutional attorney Larry Becraft, there is no basis in statutory law for state official mandates, county cooperation, or public compliance, in-so-far-as forced vaccinations and/or quarantines, even during officially declared epidemics or pandemics. Presidential executive orders lack the legal power to force or enforce vaccination and/or quarantine mandates on the American people. Likewise, state statutes and administrative rules and regulations pertaining to compulsory vaccinations and quarantines advanced by health departments shall be prohibited as violations of fundamental human rights, religious freedoms, and just compensation for personal property secured by the US Constitution. Given these conclusions, it is official malfeasance for state and federal health officials to advance such unconstitutional policies and engage such procedures. Furthermore, health officials may be held accountable for gross criminal negligence: engaging in broadcasting flu warnings, using the news media to relay deadly predictions of pandemic morbidity and mortality, or otherwise sensitizing people to promote compliance with vaccination or forced quarantines while grossly neglecting their mental health and quality of life; increasing anxiety, phobia, and depression, and causing severe economic damages from the medical, psychosocial, and behavioral impacts of these public health malpractices. In other words no one has any constitutional authority at the Federal or State level to enforce mandatory vaccinations. However, waiting until legal suits are filed afterwards is not an option because irreversible damage may be done by then to our global family. The State officials are more vulnerable to official malfeasance. In other words, lawsuits on one level also have the immediate power to veto Federal mandates of forced vaccinations. At the state level we have protection from Federal mandates...and in practical reality we have more personal access to state politicians to get them to vote against any Federal mandates, as they are more directly accountable to the public. For further information, please see: http://www.PandemicFluOnline.com.


The overwhelming scientific studies and research do not in any way support the action of mandatory flu, squalene adjuvant, live virus vaccination; to do so might result in the desecration of a significant amount of God’s creation of humanity on planet earth; the science strongly suggests that mandatory vaccinations are both immoral and ethically illegal (ethics that are core in the Judaic-Christian system) and this mandatory vaccination violates the basic Ten Commandments in at least 6 ways: Thou shall not murder, steal, lie, bear false witness, engage in idol worship (money and power), envy or covet.

We also recommend reading Vaccine Safety Manual by Neil Miller for additional scientific information on the subject as well as Cochrane collaboration/influenza studies, which show virtually no benefit to the flu vaccines. Also check Oct. 6 BMJ, Dec 2006 New England Journal of Medicine, and Feb. 2005 Archives of Internal Medicine. http://thinktwice.com/